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ConPlus is raising money for The Chrysalis School.

The Chrysalis School operates in Omoro, Northern Uganda where it seeks to transform the lives of some of the worlds poorest and most underprivileged children by giving them a modern education. Board games and roleplaying games form a core part of their curriculum and help the children develop skills and to imagine real and meaningful changes in their local communities, the school then supports them in making their own change making projects in to a reality.

We are trying to raise the funds to build a dedicated board game and roleplaying activity centre at the school to enable the children to learn and play together.

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A Thankyou From Con+3

Con+3 is over for another year, and we just want to say thank you!

Without you we could not have raised the £3567 from the Con+3 event, and brought our yearly fund raising total up to £7545.

It is because of your generous support that we can proudly announce this week that the charity, which was facing closure for financial reasons, is still open and will continue to remain open at least until Christmas.

During the lockdown this unique gaming project has been directly saving lives by keeping starvation at bay for a dozen families and 20 additional children. Thanks to your support they are now supporting 30 of the world's poorest families through the lockdown with essential supplies and food, and directly feeding 25 children a day at the centre in Kampala. On top of that they've been able to start a new farming project in one of the Northern villages to help keep rural children fed.

This was because of you. So thank you. Thank you very much.

The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project is a school in Kampala, Uganda which takes in some of the poorest children in the world and not only gives them an education but trains them to be change makers and supports them when they return to their local communities so that they can bring the skills and tools needed to be a force for real change in Uganda. Critically for us, Role-Playing Games and board games are a critical part of their education process and are used to help develop problem solving, creative thinking and team building skills in the children.

The lockdown of course has impacted the world as a whole but unlike developed countries what is missing in Uganda are the social safety nets that we in the West enjoy. We are seeing what looks to be the start of a famine in the poorest parts of Africa and in Uganda, a country that suffers from extreme child poverty where the average age is under 16 years old and 80% of the population are under 30 the complications for a family getting through lockdown are immense. The poorest people have no food.

Despite being a school whose pupils are amongst the poorest of all, The Butterfly Project has been supporting as many families and children as it can to get them through the crisis. Four children stayed on at the school after the others went home to help with the distribution of food, soap and charcoal for cooking.

And of course, being members of The Butterfly Project, they have of course been playing some RPGs too.

The Twitch Project

Despite the success of Con+3 and the many lives which have been directly saved because of it. It isn't enough. There are still children dying of starvation and some of them are gamers just like us.

Those of you who saw this years stream will already be aware that we experienced some difficulties with the YouTube platform this year and we've made the decision to run Con+4 on Twitch. We need to get to grips with this platform and learn how to make it work for us; and we desperately want to find a way to raise more money for the children whose lives we have not yet saved.

So to help with both of those things soon we will be inviting you to join us on a new project we'll be launching in the coming months where we shall be hosting regular Twitch streams using our Prize Fighter software, our plan is to run a series of championships culminating with a new winner each week. We don't think we will be able to offer prizes for these events, but we'd love to hear from anyone interested in being a title sponsor!

You can still help

Every £13 we raise is enough money to feed an entire household for another week during this crisis.

Even though the event is now over, it is never too late to make a donation.

Perhaps you might even consider making a small monthly contribution?

Head over to https://conplus.live/donate to make a donation and help us save lives.

Children of the Butterfly Project are providing vital supplies to the community
The children at the project streamed a live game of Skittershot
Prize Fighter was greatly improved for Con+3
Our hosts streamed non-stop for 26 hours!
Magic spells livened up the arena fights
Proceedings were interupted by Toki The Kitten
This year the 3 studio cameras where supported by an additional 24 hour "Behind the Scenes" camera
The audience was left quite shocked at the surprise arrival of a Red Dragon!
Con+4 will be held after our presenters wedding