2019 Telethon


  • Jayson Green
  • Becky Rose
  • Lloyd Gyan
Hall of Fame

It's not always the organisers who do the work. YOU are what make this convention happen and the Hall of Fame celebrates YOU! The winners will have their name on display on the website all year, and all in the Hall of Fame will receive a prize.

Charisma +2 - The Mapronomicon

The person who chatted the most during the telethon

Constitution +2 - Fjook Enterprises

The person most active over the longest duration of the telethon

The Night Watch - The Mapronomicon

The person who was most active over the night hours

Initiative Winner - A Trashheap

The first chat message

The Bard - Logan Smalley

The longest single chat message

The Mary Sue - James Breeden

The person with the highest win ratio

The Leeroy Jenkins - Johnash Lundypeel

The person with the lowest win ratio

Fund Raising Total


Raised for
The Butterfly Project