2020 Telethon

The Main Event


  • Jayson Green
  • Becky Rose

Behind The Scenes


  • Jayson Green
  • Becky Rose

Skittershot Session in Kampala


  • Ben
  • Patrick
  • Joseph
  • Andrew
  • Arnold
Hall of Fame

It's not always the organisers who do the work. YOU are what make this convention happen and the Hall of Fame celebrates YOU! The winners will have their name on display on the website all year, and all in the Hall of Fame will receive a prize.

Chatty McChatface - Fjook Enterprises

Posted the most chat messages

Constitution +3 - Chavhunter

Most active over the longest time

Charisma +3 - Nexica Beaulne

The person who posted the most messages with emoticons

The Adonis - AJ Picket

The person who paid the most for a single gladiator

Leeroy Jenkins Award - Nexica Beaulne

The most battles without a win

Gotta Catch 'Em All - Ronnie Bradley

The most gladiators in their Ludus at event end

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler - Chavhunter

The person who purchased the most gladiatorial equipment

Fund Raising Total


Raised for
The Butterfly Project