Why We Chose The Chrysalis School

At Con+2 and Con+3 you helped raise over £9,000 for The Butterfly Project in Uganda which uses board games and roleplaying games to change the lives of some of the poorest children in the world. During lockdown those donations played a key role in directly saving the lives of over 30 children, as well as enabling the children of The Butterfly Project enact their mission of bringing about meaningful change in their communities.

When the team behind The Butterfly Project got in touch with us to tell us about their mission to bring the project to even more children in the form of a new school in one of the remotest and underserved parts of the world, we of course wanted to help make sure the school had a games room!

Our mission is to raise enough funds to build a new dedicated board games and roleplaying activity centre at the school. A task which will require around £15,000-£20,000.

The School's Mission

The Chrysalis School sets out to be more than just a school, it aims to be a centre for regional transformation and social entrepreneurship, designed from the ground up to encourage its students to see themselves as the architects of change in the poorest parts of Uganda.

Primary school education is sparse in this part of the world and secondary education is non-existent. Many of Uganda's schools operate in an old fashioned manner where the children fear beatings from teachers and are affraid to ask questions. The Chrysalis school is bringing a modern education where children are encouraged to ask questions and can learn without fear of capital punishment.

In addition to Uganda's national curriculum the school aims to teach children to become leaders and change makers in their local communities which in part is achieved by learning about the outside world. It does this by teaching subjects in addition to the standard curriculum.

  • Boardgaming
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Current Affairs
  • Climage Change
  • International Relations
  • Female Empowerment

Additionally they have athletic and music facilities which are incredibly rare in this part of Africa.

Building The School

It's no easy task building a school in a remote area when the only access road is submerged underneath a stream and you have to transport building materials to the site.

The access road prior to bridge building
The access road after bridge building

The plans for the school provide for a modern facility powered entirely by self generated solar power.

Whilst some students travel from local villages the school also has dormitories for more remote students, including some of the students on The Butterfly Project.

Facility Plan
Facility Plan

To date the first buildings have already been completed and the school is open with students! With your help we can complete the school as it is intended to be.

The School is Open!
The School is Open!
The House
The House

The house currently is the only building with power so is also being used for some lessons.

Classroom Blocks
Classroom Blocks
Butterfly Project members hunt "The Lich King" whilst playing a Live Action Role-Play
Butterfly Project members taking board games out to their communities
A session of D&D Adventurers League played at The Butterfly Project
Pathfinder being played at The Butterfly Project
Introducing children from remote villages to role-playing games usually starts with a primer session that introduces the children to fantasy monsters.
Patrick introduces a group of villagers to board games at The Uganda Village Boardgame Convention, organised by The Butterfly Project
The Uganda Village Boardgame Convention is a yearly event organised by The Butterfly Project to bring board games out to some of the most remote villages in Uganda.
Cinderella wants to join The Butterfly Project. At the moment the funds aren't there to house and school her so the project has given her board games to start learning by herself with. She started board game clubs in 3 villages with them.
Start of the "Slum Run", organised by The Butterfly Project
Butterfly Project members playing Thurn & Taxis
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