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22 Days Until Game Registration Begins

Just 3 Weeks Left

The countdown to August the 1st is in progress when GM's can start submitting the games they wish to run to the website.

So get ready with your adventure designs guys, its nearly time for the online RPG convention of the year!

So as the weeks whittle away, let's take a look at some of the latest confirmed sponsors who are helping to make this years convention the best one yet.

Studio Agate are probably best-known for their dark fantasy-horror RPG Shadows of Esteren, but they have also published board games, soundtracks and even recipe books! They are back this year as a sponsor of the convention, and are giving away a plethora of Shadows of Esteren books and artwork.

Brutal Games are back once again with their cyberpunk RPG, Corporation! Brutal Games are giving away PDFs of their Core Books, their insane weapons supplement Machines of War, and their fantastic introductory adventure Grab the Cache.

Power Up Gamers: Roleplaying for Accessibility is more a community than a company, which publishes RPG supplements to educate able-bodied people on disabilities within tabletop gaming. They have donated six PDF copies of L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures to the lucky winners of Jayson’s Hall of Fame!

Inked Adventures create pocket-sized dungeons dripping with beautiful old-school artwork, ready for DMs to use on the fly! Their Map & Dice Playing Cards packs are fully customizable dungeon sections with accompanying dice and playing card suits for all your gaming needs. Then there’s the Dungeon Cut-Up tiles which can be assembled into small-scale dungeon floor plans but still fit in your pocket!

Chaosium are one of the grand-daddies of RPG horror, and will drive you insane with their donations. They are giving away hardback copies of their new supplements The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos and Doors to Darkness, as well as five $20 vouchers to spend in their online store!