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A Beautiful Wyrmwood Prize For You

This Stunning Purpleheart Dice Vault Could Be Yours

Wyrmwood have established a reputation for making the finest premium gaming accessories in the world, and through their kind generosity we are giving away this gorgeous Purpleheart Dice Vault.

Perfect craftsmanship means this dice box not only has stunning looks but an opening and closing action that makes you want to do it over-and-over again.

Transporting your favourite set of dice will now be a luxury experience!

The Purpleheart Dice Vault can hold up to 10 standard sized polyhedral dice, eight casino dice, or 36 6mm d6's

Dice not included in giveaway prize

How to Win

Very soon we will be announcing our T-Shirt Design competition for this years Convention Shirt, sign up to the newsletter or follow our social feeds on Facebook and Twitter to hear the announcement when it happens so that you can get a head start.

This amazing prize will be sent to the winner of the design competition just after the Convention finishes on November 3rd.

Full details and competition rules will be available when the contest opens.