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CON+3 is just a few DAYS AWAY

Con+3 takes place on Saturday May 16th to Sunday May 17th

Join our 24 hour live stream and win over 100 prizes

Con+3 is happening early this year because our chosen charity, The Butterfly Project, is in urgent need of help to save as many lives as possible during the lockdown. You can help by taking part, or making a donation that goes directly to the charity here.

It is now less than 2 weeks until our non-stop 24 hour live stream of prize giving when you get your chance to make a life or death difference for some of the worlds poorest role-players and their families.

The Con +3 Event

Because of the emergency nature of this years convention we've had to pull everything together in just a few weeks, so we decided to focus all of our efforts on our main event which always raises the most donations for the charity, our 24 hour non-stop prize giveaway.

Last year we hosted the biggest RPG Prize Giveaway in history by giving away more RPG gaming products in 24 hours than has ever been done before. This year we're probably not going to break the record because of the lockdown but we're going to try and get as close as we can!

Our unique prize giving system "Prize Fighter" was massively popular last year and so we've been working hard on it since last years event and have completely rewritten the program from the ground up to be bigger, better and more amazing than ever before!

You can train up and equip your gladiator to compete for victory in a 3D recreation of the Rome Colosseum! We'll be running prize fights throughout the 24 hour live stream and every victory in the arena will win one of over 100 prizes donated to the event by sponsors from all across the role-playing industry.

Playing Prize Fighter is easy, all you have to do is tune in to our live stream on YouTube and take part in the audience chat. Everyone who is active in the chat gets a gladiator in the arena.

You can enhance your gladiator on our website by spending "Dinari" - our virtual currency. We'll give you Dinari for free and you can even get more by making a donation to the charity.

How to Take Part & Win Prizes

Just tune in to our 24 Hour Livestream. You will be able to find it on our website during the convention and on the YouTube channel of our hosts Pear of Geeks

Start Time

The convention starts Saturday May 16th at 12:00 midday in the UTC Timezone, you can use this handy list to see what time of day that is for your local area.

  • London: 1pm
  • Paris/Berlin: 2pm
  • Auckland: Midnight
  • San Fransisco: 5am
  • New York: 8am

The convention ends exactly 24 hours later, at the same time of day on Sunday.

Cant Make It?

If you can't make the date you can still help. You can learn more about why this year is so important by reading A Letter from Uganda.

You can help spread the word of our event on your social media channels.

And you can help today by donating directly to the charity using the donation page on our website.