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Con+2 RPG Charity Con Game Signup Open

The Moment You've Been Waiting For Is Here!

Con+2 Charity RPG Convention game signup is open! Host a Game or Event | Join a Game or Event.

Thank you for being part of our mailing list for Con +2. We don't email often, in fact our last email was back in March! We respect your email privacy and know what its like to get spam, but we promised we would let you know when Con +2 was happening so here it is! The official announcement of game signup opening.

Please share news of our convention far and wide, especially the YouTube telethon stream which will be host to the biggest RPG prize give away in history! It'll be running for 24 hours with prizes being given away all throughout the stream!

We're going to send a few more emails in the coming weeks, and after the convention we will be sending you access to this years Swag Bag full of digital RPG + gaming goodies. Then much like last year, we'll leave you be throughout the year.

Thank you for supporting our charity RPG convention.

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