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Con +2 Is Next Weekend

A Weekend of Gaming & Giveaways!

This Years Prize Haul

Look at this years amazing prize haul! You can win these free prize giveaways for nothing as we attempt to break the world record for the most RPG products given away for free in 24 hours!

Pictured here are most of the physical prizes being given away during this years Pear of Geeks fundraising stream on YouTube, where for 24 Hours the Becky, Jayson and Lloyd will be giving away over 200 prizes to you - and all you have to do to win is tune in and take part in the chat!

RPG Games

There are lots of games listed on the site already and many have spaces left, so why not get your microphone and headset out and take part in some great games?

See what games appeal to you by taking a look through the full list of Con +2 events happening next weekend: Con +2 Event List.

  • Do I need to pregen characters?

    Lots of players try out new game systems at conventions, so it is usually considered normal for GM's to create pre-generated characters. If you are running a widely popular game system you could try speaking to your players first and see what they want.

  • Do I have to live stream the game I run?

    No, not this year. Some GM's will be live streaming their games and you will see details of that in the event description. This year streaming games is not a requirement, so if you do not want to appear on camera you don't have to!

  • If I run a game, what time slots are there to choose from?

    Our game booking system is completely flexible this year, you can even book games that happen after the convention has finished!

  • What days am I allowed to run a game on?

    The convention runs from Friday to Sunday, but we're leaving our event booking system up so you can run a game any time.

  • Can I run or play in more than one game?


  • Does the game have to be a role-playing game? Can I do an online wargame or card game?

    You can run anything you like, although most of our events are RPG played online some participants are running local events this year in their gaming stores. Just get out and game!

  • Can I run a game in a language other than the default English?

    Yes, in fact we've had at least one non-English game in every year of the convention so far

  • Am I supposed to supply pre-generated characters for the players, or allow them to roll up their own?

    Usually GM's provide pre-generated characters for convention games, but it isn't mandatory and some systems are quite quick for character generation. If you intend to include character generation in your game some players find it less appealing - especially if they don't have the rules. So please do consider pre-generating character - but ultimately, play what you want to play in your way!

  • Is there a system for giving away prizes for the best players/game masters if we participate in convention games?

    No. Especially now that the convention does not require games to be streamed it would be impossible for us to judge. Almost all prizes will be given away as part of the Pear of Geeks 24 Hour Prize Giveaway broadcast on YouTube.

  • I'm not available to run a game that weekend, but can I just make a donation to the charity without participating in a game?

    Of course! Here's the link

  • Are donations tax deductible? (I imagine such a question depends on the tax laws of your specific country).

    Uhm. Yeah we can't give tax advise - what we can say is that the charity is officially registered in the United Kingdom and has a registered charity number clearly shown on the donation form.

  • Can I use GiftAid?

    We did try to work out a way of doing GiftAid on the donations but it was legally complicated, so no, sadly not.

  • If I run a game, how many players do I have to accept?

    As many or as few as you like. Whatever works best for you.

  • What platform do I have to run my game on...roll20, twitch, open books over skype, etc.?

    You decide. Just state clearly in the description of your event if extra tools are required for your players.

  • What do I have to do to register to win one of the prize giveaways?

    Come watch the Pear of Geeks 24 Hour record breaking prize giveaway broadcast - there's so many prizes you'll be bound to win something. Last year several people won entire box fulls of prizes.

  • Can we win more than one prize?

    Yes. It is possible for one person to win every single prize in theory - although statistically improbable

  • What is the Prizefighter and how does it work?

    Oh you heard about that eh? This year the prizes are being given away with something called Prize Fighter. We developed it ourselves to ensure the prizes are given away fairly. In short it's a 3D arena gladiator fight played over YouTube - your AI gladiator gets entered in to an arena simply by taking part in the chat of the giveaway stream, and if your gladiator wins a fight then you win the prize.

    As your gladiator wins prizes, they'll go down a tier of ability. You can restore your gladiator by making a donation to our charity which earns you "Gold" that you can use to boost your gladiator back up. This way - when people win entire box fulls of prizes they will have at least made a donation to the charity this is all for.

    We felt this was a fairer way for the prize system to work than the pure chance method last year of rolling dice. It also should keep the conversations going in the chat, instead of being disrupted by number guesses.

  • How much does it cost to participate in the convention games?

    It's completely free, but we urge you to consider donating to this wonderful charity.

  • How do I sign up for the emailing list?

    You enter your email in to the website here: Con +2 News. We usually put the signup box somewhere on the homepage too.