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Did You Miss The DestinyQuest Kickstarter

Con+1 have got you covered!


DestinyQuest is a fresh take on choose your own adventure novels, containing darker story-writing, more complex mechanics and over 700 pages each to boot. Author and designer Michael J. Ward describes DestinyQuest as a mix of the old-school choose your own adventure books of the 1980s with World of Warcraft and Diablo. Truly epic!

Michael recently finished a very successful Kickstarter to launch his fourth book in the series, The Raiders of Dune Sea. And especially for Con+1, he has agreed to donate a finished copy of the book along with the rest of the series!

So whether you want to be an outcast with no memory, a cursed prophet, a sickly prince or a hardened tomb raider, the choice is yours in the land of Valeron.

Kickstarter link: