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GM Game Registration Open

RPG GM's & Panel Hosts

We've made it easier than ever before to submit your games for this years convention, this year we're connecting with Facebook to handle the logins (it's all tied in to our Anti-Harrassment policy) so just go to the Event Registration page and connect your Facebook account.

Then because the convention is held over YouTube, as a GM / Panel Host you'll need to connect your YouTube account too.

After that, it's just a few quick to fill in form fields and job done! Your event is ready to rock and roll dice!

We'll be opening player signup to the public next month so get your games in now to ensure your game is listed when the players arrive and start chosing which games they want to play in!

Content Creators

Our convention has always been popular amongst RPG Gamers on YouTube and Twitch, and we know (and hope!) some of you will now want to start making videos promoting the convention.

To help you as much as possible we've put together a Media Pack with vector and png versions of the logo, our font, and an awesome Dragon ident video that you can download and use in your own productions.