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Game Signup Wednesday

Wednesday Is The Day

With just a few days to go until game signup opens for Con+1 this is a good time to take a look at some of the other sponsors backing the convention this year.

There are well over 30 sponsors for this years convention, and over 100 prizes to be won!

Critical Hit Publishing are back to help support our great cause! This year, they are offering their entire collection of Cinematic Environs to some very lucky winners!

Green Ronin Publishing are known for many great games and this year are donating some fantastic books. They are giving away two copies each of the Dragon Age core rules, A Song of Ice and Fire RP: GoT Edition core rules and Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Hero’s handbooks!

Mongoose Publishing have set a course for the stars with us to the Third Imperium, having donated a whopping three full-colour hardback copies of their Traveller RPG core rulebook!

OSRIC , the game that pioneered the resurgence in old-school roleplaying, is backing Con+1 with a signed book from editor-in-chief Stuart Marshall!

Tin Man Games are an Australian company who have collaborated with Ian Livingstone to make some fantastic Fighting Fantasy apps! They are giving away five Steam keys for their amazing rendition of Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and five Steam keys for its DLC, Goblin Scourge!

Sly Flourish Sly Flourish has returned as a sponsor for the convention, with more Dungeon Master advice goodness up his sleeves! This year he is donating PDFs of not one, but three different books - The Lazy DM, Fantastic Adventures and Fantastic Locations.

Arc Dream Publishing , famous for their Cthulhu Modern spin-off Delta Green have very kindly donated a large amount to Child’s Play!

Heroic Maps are also back once again and are going to be giving away some brand new terrain maps fresh off the canvas! More will be revealed in the coming months...