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Jesper Schmidt Backs Con +1

The Reknowned Fantasy Author is Donating 20 Books

10 Digital Copies of Fantasy Map Making

Jesper is donating 10 digital copies of his amazing and popular book that is an essential tool for Games Masters and Fantasy Authors alike.

The step-by-step approach teaches you everything you need to know from how tectonic plates form and work and the fluid dynamics of rivers, to how civilisations and trade will use the land that you've created.

You and nine other lucky winners can add this essential tool to your reportoire at Con +1 this year.

10 Digital Copies of Desolation

Jesper is also giving away 10 copies of the first book in his popular dark fantasy series. A gripping fantasy tale that is the opening book for The Keystone Bone Trilogy, the first sequel is Degradation and a third book in the series is coming later this year.

Desolation follows the story of a forest-bound heroine who must risk death and disease to find her estranged family, whilst being pursued by a Demon Lord and the last living Dragon.

Jesper Schmidt on YouTube

You can get more advise for authors and games masters on Jesper Schmidt's You Tube Channel.

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