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Pathfinder and Starfinder at Con +1

Paizo are generously backing the convention with two of their major products

Pathfinder is a well established giant of the role-playing scene so for this epic title we knew we had to dig deep to bring you something special that you can add to your collection.

So we've got the team at Paizo to sign the core book, and this precious and rare tome can be yours during the convention as a prize give-away!

During the convention we'll be giving away a starter kit with everything you need to begin playing this epic science-fantasy role-playing game released in 2016.

Set in the same familiar Pathfinder universe but thousands of years in the future your heroes will find themselves investigating the mysteries of the weird and magical universe as part of a starship crew, with rune-enhanced armour and a laser rifle at their side, facing off against everything from undead hordes and Dragons, to new and menacing alien threats.

To learn more about Starfinder we will be interviewing the team behind it during the 24 hour telethon that is accompanying this years convention.