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T-Shirts Now Upto 5XL In Size

Convention Date:
Americas - Starting Evening November 2nd
Europe - Around Midnight November 3rd

25 Days To Go

Now is the time to order your Con+1 T-Shirts if you want them in time for the convention!

We've got a new supplier for the shirts who can offer much larger sizes, up to 5XL in unisex fitments and 2XL size for ladies fitted styles.

Not only that but the print quality from the new supplier is much higher too, and the coasters are now offered in a pack of 4 - FOR THE SAME PRICE!

Allow Time To Ship

It takes a week or so for orders to be despatched, so make sure yours has time to reach you by ordering now or in the next few days to make sure it arrives in time for the convention!

All proceeds goto Child's Play who put games in to hospitals for terminally ill children.

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