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Together We Made A Difference

The Final Fundraising Count Is In!

Final Breakdown
  • Website Widget: $2649.50
  • Merchandise: $134.82
  • Facebook Donations: $65.12
  • TOTAL: $2849

What happens next?

  • Swag Bag!
    As promised we will be sending a free goodie bag of pdf goodness prepared by Lord Morbius to all mailing list subscribers in a couple of days - so stay subscribed and check your email soon.
  • Prize Despatch
    The prize system worked well on the day - apart from two typing mistakes made by our presenters! We still have six people who have not yet claimed their prizes, please go to to check if you won.
  • Improving For Next Year
    We are doing our breakdown of how to improve for next year, we've already got many ideas ourselves but if you have suggestions please email us at
  • Planning Con+2!
    We'll be drawing up our plans for next year, we will give you all the details soon but you can be sure we are aiming to create a bigger, better, more magical experience for everyone who comes! Onwards & Upwards!