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Welcome to Con +1

The 24 Hour RPG Convention

Proposed World Championship Trophy

For those who remember BrigadeCon, Con+1 is its new incarnation. We intend to grow on everything amazing BrigadeCon achieved and make this year even bigger and better than before. But as before with BrigadeCon, at the heart of the convention is the charity we support.

For those who are brand new to online conventions, we at Con+1 have got an action-packed day (and night!) in store for you! The organisers at Con+1 will be running a 24-hour telethon in order to raise as much money as we can for renowned charity Child’s Play. We will be hosting sponsored giveaways, discussion panels, interviews and much more! But of course, it wouldn’t be an RPG convention without gaming. While the 24-hour telethon streams on Channel 1 & 2 there will be many other YouTube channels running content packed full of RPG goodness, including our grand tournament, the RPG World Championships! GM and player registration will be opening very soon, so get those dice ready!