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ConPlus is raising money for The Butterfly Project.

Through the power of board games and role-playing games The Butterfly Project takes some of the most underprivileged children in the world from the slums and rural villages of Uganda, and turns them in to ethical social entrepreneurs, change makers, and game designers.

ConPlus first worked with The Butterfly Project in 2018 and through the generosity of sponsors Paizo, Reaper Miniatures, and Pear of Geeks were able to send the children an RPG aid package. This year we're trying to raise the funds to get more children on to this life changing project.

With your help, we can raise the funds necessary to change lives of young African board gamers and RolePlayers, and help welcome them in to our community.

Raised So Far

Learn more about The Butterfly Project.


October 11th - October 13th 2019

In 2018 we gave away over 170 prizes during our 24 hour charity telethon (video stream) whilst raising $2949 for charity Child's Play.

Volunteer GM's ran over 20 free-to-attend RPG games and streamed them live to audiences all over the world.

In 2019, we're aiming even bigger…

This year you can expect

  • New Improved GM Tools
  • New Improved GM<->Player Messaging
  • More Sponsors, More Prizes
  • An Even Better 24 Hour Telethon Stream
  • Non-Streamed Games
  • And a Charity Where Our Donations Can Make a Genuine Difference
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Con +2 Date Announced

October 11th to October 13th 2019

Hello from all of us at Con Plus, and thank you for being part of Con +1 last year where we raised $2949 for Child's Play Charity.

The date for Con +2 has been set October 11th to October 13th 2019! - that's right, for the first time we are running the convention over 3 days!

This year thanks to your feedback we will be improving the GM event management tools and GM to Player Messaging, we'll also be removing the requirement for games to be streamed, and we've removed the requirement for a Facebook account.

We've already signed up lots of new sponsors for this years convention so the 24 hour RPG prize giveaway stream will be even more jam packed with goodies for you to win. We gave away 170 prizes last year and everyone on the stream had a great time, so tune in and take part in the biggest RPG give away video stream in history!

Since the inception of this convention we've raised $7,866 for Child's Play charity, its a great charity but it has grown massively over the years and we felt the time was right to find a new charity where the money we raise can make a real and meaningful difference to childrens lives.

So we will now be supporting The Butterfly Project on its mission to use RPG's and board games as the cornerstone of turning lives around for some of the most under privileged children in the world.

Over the next two years we hope to raise £5,000 for this amazing charity which is making such a difference for these children - who otherwise would have no opportunities to propser, let alone play board games and RPG's.

Pathfinder being played at The Butterfly Project