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Convention Date: November 3rd 2018

T-Shirt Design Contest

Sponsored by Wyrmwood

Competition Closing Date: 16th June 2018

This beautiful Purple Heart Dize Vault from Wyrmwood could be yours!

We're about to launch this years Convention T-Shirts, which form a substantial part of our fundraising efforts for Child's Play, and this year you have the chance to design what the convention shirt will look like!

The winning design will be used on the front of the Convention shirts for Con +1, and will receive this stunning dice carrier to take their favourite set of dice to games with.

Fore more details see the T-Shirt Competition Rules page and submit your entry today!

Wyrmwood Purple Heart Dice Vault
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T Shirt Design Contest

Contest Open!

The competition to design this years Convention T-Shirt has begun!

The talented winner of this years contest won't just see their design on this years shirt, but they will also win this beautiful Wyrmwood Purple Heart Dice Vault to carry their favourite dice to their gaming sessions with.

For full rules and entry information please see the T-Shirt Contest Page on the website. Terms & Conditions apply.


A Beautiful Wyrmwood Prize For You

This Stunning Purpleheart Dice Vault Could Be Yours

Wyrmwood have established a reputation for making the finest premium gaming accessories in the world, and through their kind generosity we are giving away this gorgeous Purpleheart Dice Vault.

Perfect craftsmanship means this dice box not only has stunning looks but an opening and closing action that makes you want to do it over-and-over again.

Transporting your favourite set of dice will now be a luxury experience!

The Purpleheart Dice Vault can hold up to 10 standard sized polyhedral dice, eight casino dice, or 36 6mm d6's

Dice not included in giveaway prize

How to Win

Very soon we will be announcing our T-Shirt Design competition for this years Convention Shirt, sign up to the newsletter or follow our social feeds on Facebook and Twitter to hear the announcement when it happens so that you can get a head start.

This amazing prize will be sent to the winner of the design competition just after the Convention finishes on November 3rd.

Full details and competition rules will be available when the contest opens.


R Talsorian Games Makes HUGE Donation

We're already 10% of the way there!

Today we are celebrating in the Con Plus office! This year, our fundraising target for Child’s Play is $5000, and thanks to R. Talsorian Games, we have already hit our 10% mark!

Yes, you heard! R. Talsorian Games have really done something quite incredible, and have donated a whopping $500 to Child’s Play! We at Con Plus are extremely honoured to receive such a huge contribution. Thank you!

R. Talsorian are passionate about charity and fundraising and regularly contribute to various events organised by the RPG community. Last December, they contributed to Gaming Vs Cancer which has raised over £13,000 over the years for Cancer Research UK.

R. Talsorian Games are known mostly for their legendary Cyberpunk series, which has been pinnacle to the world of Sci-Fi RPGs since the 1980s. Originally inspired by various authors of Mirrorshades, the game combines thrilling combat with diverse characters in a future United States run by Megacorporations. There is a plethora of expansions and sequels to the Cyberpunk universe including the Firestorm series and Cyberpunk 203X. Cyberpunk has also paved the way for various other media based off it. This includes Netrunner, the collectible card game released by Wizards of the Coast in 1996, and Cyberpunk 2077, an upcoming video game being worked on by CD Projekt Red, the developers of the popular The Witcher Series.

Watch the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

Castle Falkenstein, a game that uses cards rather than dice to simulate action, is another of R. Talsorian Games’ works. It is a setting of high fantasy adventure with a steampunk twist! Originally published in 1994, the game has received several awards for Best Roleplaying Rules and Best Role-Playing Product. A GURPS version of the system was also published by Steve Jackson Games in 2000.

R. Talsorian Games also have a new project in the works. They plan to publish a tabletop version of The Witcher in the near future!


Roleplaying Tips Backs Con +1

Roleplaying Tips

6 Amazing Prizes

3 Campaign Logger Lifetime License

With Campaign Logger you need never forget an important detail in your games ever again.

Roleplaying Tips are kindly donating 3 Lifetime Licenses as prizes for this years convention so that you can become the GM you've always dreamed you can be, if only you could remember those pesky little details between sessions.

Campaign Logger is the fastest, easiest way to take session notes and be the most organized game master you've ever been.

Clean and simple, Campaign Logger lets you rapidly type in session notes without distraction at the game table.

Then the app magically carves up your notes into NPCs, Locations, Items, and Plots, so you can find your notes anytime as fast as a quickling with Boots of Speed.

The special tagging system means you can find any campaign detail with one or two clicks.

And unlike other methods, Campaign Logger brings back all the notes you quest for with full context. It's got to be experienced to fully understand the power of the design, but I can only describe it as 3D note taking.

3 Adventure Building Course Lifetime License

Veteral GM Johnn Four offers numerous courses on running better games via his site at Roleplaying Tips.

Courses available include NPC Essentials which is an 84 page book on mastering the art of better NPC's in your games, or perhaps combat is slowing down your games? Why not try How to Make Your Combats Twice as Fast (and how to make your stories gut-wrenchingly glorious at the same time), a full 52 week course with coaching and step-by-step instructions.

With this Roleplaying Tips are giving away 3 life time memberships to Johnn Four's Adventure Building Course.


Evil Hat Productions Backs Con +1

Embrace Your

Picture of Evil Hat Publishing Books

Evil Hat Productions Prize Giveaway

The people behind so many of your favourite games will be joining us at this year's convention with a digital download prize bonanza for 1 lucky winner!

And YOU get to chose the prize!

Whether you go for 2014's Gold & Silver Ennie Award winning Fate Core; or maybe you choose 2011's Gold & Silver Ennie Award winning Dresden Files, or perhaps you are drawn to the dark haunted industrial fantasy streets of Duskwall found in Blades in the Dark, or Atomic Robo, Monster of the Week, or... We could go on for a while, let's skip to the juicy prize:

Whatever your taste in games, Evil Hat Productions offers a game that will fit and one lucky winner will be able to make that choice with this digital download gift from Evil Hat Productions.

Evil Hat Productions Logo

You can find out more about Evil Hat Productions and their long list of RPG titles, and their many other related board games over at the Evil Hat Productions website.

If you need more incentive, check out Geek & Sundry's play through of Fate Core with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, John Rogers playing with Fate game designer Ryan Macklin.

Geek & Sundry Play Fate Core with Ryan Macklin