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Evil Hat Productions Backs Con +1

Embrace Your

Picture of Evil Hat Publishing Books

Evil Hat Productions Prize Giveaway

The people behind so many of your favourite games will be joining us at this year's convention with a digital download prize bonanza for 1 lucky winner!

And YOU get to chose the prize!

Whether you go for 2014's Gold & Silver Ennie Award winning Fate Core; or maybe you choose 2011's Gold & Silver Ennie Award winning Dresden Files, or perhaps you are drawn to the dark haunted industrial fantasy streets of Duskwall found in Blades in the Dark, or Atomic Robo, Monster of the Week, or... We could go on for a while, let's skip to the juicy prize:

Whatever your taste in games, Evil Hat Productions offers a game that will fit and one lucky winner will be able to make that choice with this digital download gift from Evil Hat Productions.

Evil Hat Productions Logo

You can find out more about Evil Hat Productions and their long list of RPG titles, and their many other related board games over at the Evil Hat Productions website.

If you need more incentive, check out Geek & Sundry's play through of Fate Core with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, John Rogers playing with Fate game designer Ryan Macklin.

Geek & Sundry Play Fate Core with Ryan Macklin

Jesper Schmidt Backs Con +1

The Reknowned Fantasy Author is Donating 20 Books

10 Digital Copies of Fantasy Map Making

Jesper is donating 10 digital copies of his amazing and popular book that is an essential tool for Games Masters and Fantasy Authors alike.

The step-by-step approach teaches you everything you need to know from how tectonic plates form and work and the fluid dynamics of rivers, to how civilisations and trade will use the land that you've created.

You and nine other lucky winners can add this essential tool to your reportoire at Con +1 this year.

10 Digital Copies of Desolation

Jesper is also giving away 10 copies of the first book in his popular dark fantasy series. A gripping fantasy tale that is the opening book for The Keystone Bone Trilogy, the first sequel is Degradation and a third book in the series is coming later this year.

Desolation follows the story of a forest-bound heroine who must risk death and disease to find her estranged family, whilst being pursued by a Demon Lord and the last living Dragon.

Jesper Schmidt on YouTube

You can get more advise for authors and games masters on Jesper Schmidt's You Tube Channel.

Fantasy Map Making

A Closer Look at The Paizo Giveaway

A Huge Bundle of Starfinder RPG Books & Signed Copy of Pathfinder

In this video Becky Rose from Pear of Geeks shows off the prizes that Paizo will be giving away at this years convention.

Pear of Geeks Prize Giveaway Video.

Closer Look: Paizo Prize Giveaway

A Most Beautiful Book

A Signed Copy of Revilo Creature Collection

Check out this beautiful Kickstarter for Creature Curation's beastiary and art book.

The Kickstarter has a few days left, and includes a fantasy coin collection too, and even offers the chance to own an ornamental sculpture of one of the creatures, or even a scultped creature of your own devising.

Brian will also be signing a copy of the book to give away at Con +1 this year.

The lucky winner will also get a pdf of stat blocks to use with the Fate RPG system for all of the creatures and items contained within the book.

To find out more about this beautiful book, watch the video below or check out the kickstarter link.

Revilo Creature Collection Kickstarter.

Brian Colin Explains Revilo.

Raging Swan Press Supporting Con +1

Prize Giveaway for GM Resources

Raging Swan Press produce GM resources to build better campaigns and save you time in running your game: Whether you play Pathfinder; Dungeons & Dragons; or anything else.

At this years Con +1 Raging Swan Press have committed to our prize fund not just with PDF downloads of their amazing system neutral resources, but also physical copies will be finding their way to some lucky winners.

If you want to know more about just how inspiring these books are, then check out their free GM's Miscellany: 20 Things online book, and it's sequel GM's Miscellany: 20 Things II which can both be viewed for free on the Raging Swan Press website.