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The Online 24 Hour Charity Role-Playing Convention
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Convention Date: November 3rd 2018

GM and Player Signup is Open!

GM Game Registration Open

Player Signup Open

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Game sign up is now open so you can both create and join RPG games and panel discussions at Con +1.

Join the fun - for free - and help Con+1 raise $5000 for Child's Play, play in RPG games as both a player or GM an event yourself.

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All the money raised goes directly to Child's Play.

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T-Shirts Now Upto 5XL In Size

Convention Date:
Americas - Starting Evening November 2nd
Europe - Around Midnight November 3rd

25 Days To Go

Now is the time to order your Con+1 T-Shirts if you want them in time for the convention!

We've got a new supplier for the shirts who can offer much larger sizes, up to 5XL in unisex fitments and 2XL size for ladies fitted styles.

Not only that but the print quality from the new supplier is much higher too, and the coasters are now offered in a pack of 4 - FOR THE SAME PRICE!

Allow Time To Ship

It takes a week or so for orders to be despatched, so make sure yours has time to reach you by ordering now or in the next few days to make sure it arrives in time for the convention!

All proceeds goto Child's Play who put games in to hospitals for terminally ill children.

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1 Month To Go

Americas: Starting Evening November 2nd
Europe: Around Midnight November 3rd

Games are starting to appear on the site so hop on over and check out the games that have been registered by other attendees.

At the time of writing there are lots of player slots available on a variety of games, but based on previous conventions any one looking to GM shouldn't hold back - there will be room for more.

Here's one of the exciting games that you can take part in.

GM: Matthew Dawkins

The Gentleman Gamer on YouTube, author of RPG's and editor to such popular games as Vampire and Pugmire

They Came From Beneath The Sea

They Came From Beneath The Sea

Welcome to Denton, home of fishing, surfing, and dollar chocolate and banana milkshakes! This beautiful town in the Bay area will cater to your every need for warmth, comfort, and old-fashioned American good will. Walk down one of our little streets and expect to see smiling faces as everyday Joes and Janes go about their business. Maybe they’re walking to Sandy’s Diner for one of her award-winning hamburgers, or perhaps they’re taking a drive to the local outdoor theatre to catch a new monster movie! If there’s one thing you can be sure of in Denton, it’s everyone’s got a reason to be happy. Employment is high, with the Montro Laboratory employing over a thousand residents in various roles, high schools are well-attended and yielding good results, and we’ve not had a communist here for three years! Come visit Denton and you’ll never want to leave!

That is, until the creatures from the sea start their invasion.

Revel in the mania that is They Came From Beneath The Sea! as idyllic Denton falls prey to crab people, mad scientists, and other bizarre and nefarious aquatic bastards waiting to take small-town American down a peg or two!

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We Need You

November 3rd Is Rapidly Approaching!

We need more GM's - We need YOU

Have you got your game in yet? It's nearly time for Con+1 - the convention that raises money to buy games for children in hospital the world over.

With game sign up open for both players and GM's, the first few games are already in - but we need more to make this convention a success and we cannot do it without your help.

So we put together this Q&A to help answer some of the questions we've been getting.

  • My game system isn't listed. Does that mean I cannot run it?

    Run it! Just select "Other" from the list, we've tried to put in as many game systems as we could think of but there's plenty more we didn't. We've been reading the game descriptions and adding in systems we missed as games are submitted.

  • Do I need to pregen characters?

    Lots of players try out new game systems at conventions, so it is usually considered normal for GM's to create pre-generated characters. If you are running a widely popular game system you could try speaking to your players first and see what they want.

  • Is there an existing schedule I can look at?

    Yes, you could look at this Game List, but also when you book your game the time widget tells you how many open game slots and booked game slots there are at each game slot so that can help you decide when to run games too.

  • Can I run a game at the same time as another game?

    Absolute, in the past we've had over 50 RPG games running over the 24 hours

  • Do I need graphics or art for the event listing?

    Not, kind of... The system will help you build your event thumbnail and make it look like the others - you'll need to provide a background image at a suiteable size (we recommend 1920x1080).

  • Can you log in to my YouTube account?

    No. The event submission requires YouTube management access but that's for a robot not a human. It is there to help you set the event up properly and reduce the technical support needed to run previous conventions.

    Depending upon the type of YouTube event you create it will do quite a lot for you, setting the correct schedule time, thumbnail, description, name and tags. If you are broadcasting with X-Split or Open Broadcaster then it will even create the live event for you.

    This is a robot sent to help you, and remove the need for GM's to have much technical skill to run events.

  • What if my game doesn't run to time?

    Running short of the standard four hour game slot is fine, but running longer can cause all of your players problems for their next game and have huge knock-on effects.

    It is considered bad form to overrun on a convention game, but finishing early is okay - some stories take as long as they need to be told!

    If you know before hand your game will be longer, or shorter, than a standard game slot - then you can specify custom timings.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Email us, we're here to help and make this convention great! Our email address is on the bottom of every page of the website

Are you ready to run a game?

If Yes: Head on over to https://conplus/live and register your game.

If No: Please tell us why? Your feedback is really useful to us in making this event better.


Game Signup Opens

The Moment You've Been Waiting For Is Here!

November 3rd is nearly upon us when the RPG charity convention of the year is happening - and game registration is now open!.

So it is time for the GM's amongst you to get those games in, and for you players to keep a regular check on the web site to look out for games you are interested in to snag the prime places.

Play a Game


GM Game Registration Open

RPG GM's & Panel Hosts

We've made it easier than ever before to submit your games for this years convention, this year we're connecting with Facebook to handle the logins (it's all tied in to our Anti-Harrassment policy) so just go to the Event Registration page and connect your Facebook account.

Then because the convention is held over YouTube, as a GM / Panel Host you'll need to connect your YouTube account too.

After that, it's just a few quick to fill in form fields and job done! Your event is ready to rock and roll dice!

We'll be opening player signup to the public next month so get your games in now to ensure your game is listed when the players arrive and start chosing which games they want to play in!

Content Creators

Our convention has always been popular amongst RPG Gamers on YouTube and Twitch, and we know (and hope!) some of you will now want to start making videos promoting the convention.

To help you as much as possible we've put together a Media Pack with vector and png versions of the logo, our font, and an awesome Dragon ident video that you can download and use in your own productions.