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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

RPG World Championships

Competitive Role-Play is different to ordinary convention gaming. The extra pressure and heartbreaks that come with a competition is not for everyone, especially at the level of the RPG World Championships! Some of the games in the 3rd play slot are world championship games with the final taking place in the 5th and final game slot of the convention. The winner will be announced during the grand finale.

At the end of each game all players and the GM must rate each other player in the game in order of who they thought was the most entertaining player to play with who brought the highest quality of gaming to the table.

The top players from the qualifying round go through to a final where the process is repeated between the players who reached the final.

To prevent collaborative vote rigging players are randomly assigned to the qualifying games 1 day before the event. Players who enter the RPG World Championships will need to keep game slot 5 free for the final.

If you wish to take part in the RPG World Championships the entry details are at the bottom of this page.

RPG World Championship: Qualifying Games

Players / Player Slots
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RPG World Championship: Final

RPG World Championship: GM Information

If you wish your game to be considered for the RPG World Championship the following criterea must be met:

  • You must run an original scenario
    Players should not be able to trial the adventure before the event, thus ensuring the content of the adventure remains a surprise.
  • No Pre-Selected Players
    Players will not be able to direcly book in to your game, they will be randomly assigned from the World Championship player pool 1 day before game day. If you wish for your friends to be able to book in to your game then you will need to change your event type to "Role-Playing Game".
  • No cancellations
    Once the event is created you will not be able to cancel the event if player demand exceeds the number of available slots that would remain after your event is removed. If you fail to run your event you will be permanently barred entering the RPG World Championships in the future.
  • Time Slot
    All RPG World Championship events must run in Game Slot 3, and the final runs in Game Slot 5.
  • No Guarantee
    Upon submission your game will be considered for the world championships. Your application is no guarantee that the game will be accepted.
  • Voting Matters
    As a GM in the RPG World Championships you are expected to complete a post game survery within 1 hour of the game finishing. The survey takes a minute or two to complete.

RPG World Championship: Player Information

If you wish to play in the RPG World Championships please consider the following...

  • Only Winners are Published
    Sometimes as players we don't have our best games for any number of reasons. No harm no foul: We only publish a percentage score for the finalists, scores for other players are not shown publicly.
  • No cancellations
    Once you have been assigned to a game if you cancel your attendance or fail to attend you will be banned from future entries to the RPG World Championships.
  • Game System May Vary
    When you book in to the world championships you are randomly assigned to one of the available games 1 day before the event. The World Championship GM's will be chosing the system & adventures that are available and you cannot chose between them as you will be randomly assigned. There are no exceptions, the computer will make the choice of what game you will play in and the process is not editable.
  • Time Slots
    The qualifying round is in Game Slot 3. The final is in Game Slot 5.
  • Voting Matters
    As a player in the RPG World Championships you are expected to complete a post game survery within 1 hour of the game finishing. The survey takes a minute or two to complete.
If you wish to take part in the GM contest. When you create your event make sure to select "RPG World Championship Game" as your event type.
To take part as a player in the RPG World Championships, sign up here.