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The Online 24 Hour Charity Role-Playing Convention

Free Shipping

Well okay - it's built in to the price.
Except on the Coasters - so we can't accept orders for coasters that do not also include a t-shirt.

When Will It Ship?

This year the convention T-Shirts are shipping as and when each sale is processed, whereas in previous years they were sent as a single one-off consignment.

However we are still completing quality checks on Limited Edition Red Shirts. Orders which include Red shirts will be held whilst we complete the quality checks, which should be completed within the next week or so.

If we discover a quality issue though we may need to delay sending any orders until problems are rectified.

All Money Raised Goes to Child's Play

2018 Con+1 T-Shirt
Con+1 2018 RPG Convention Shirt
2018 Limited Edition "Red" T-Shirt
Con+1 2018 RPG Convention Shirt
2018 Con+1 Coaster
Con+1 2018 RPG Convention Shirt