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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

Blood and Six-shooters

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GM John Alan Large
Style Beer & Pretzel
System FATE Core
Players Booked 3
Remaining Slots 1
Max Players 4
In a strange world like our own but not, the world of Wild Blue is dominated by people born with strange powers and abilities; preserving law & order in the perilous land, protecting the everyday people from the dangerous of outlaws, bandits and the Folk (strange fey creatures that lurk outside of civilsation) are the Wardens. Empowered by the Queen to dispense justice, these powered individuals wear the Cobalt Star, using their abilities and trust six-shooters to bring order to this lawless frontier.

A new danger threatens the world, a crimson powdered drug known only as RED has begun to appear in Cobalt City, it's use gives normal people their own powers, but it is hugely addictive and prolonged use causes strange mutations/deformities. The Queen's informants believe that it is being manufactured by Barabas the self-styled Bandit King in the wild-lands and that he is preparing to move a huge shipment along with his chief alchemist.

As Wardens of the Queen it is your job to recover the scientist and end this plague upon the land, by any means necessary.
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John Alan Large
Event Host
Jarin Dnd
Ian F White
Joseph D. Stirling