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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

The Smoke

Start Time (UTC)
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Finish Time (UTC)
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GM Mark Webster
Style Beer & Pretzel
System The Strange
Players Booked 3
Remaining Slots 1
Max Players 4
Kids have gone missing, and bodies are piling up in “The Potteries”. The PCs must investigate and find a solution.

In this one-shot adventure, your characters play the part of freshly graduated operatives of "The Estate", the quasi-government organisation tasked with investigating and suppressing any "Strange" activity on Earth.

The adventure is largely set on Earth in the present day. The operatives will start with their Earth foci active.

I will supply a selection of pre-generated characters for you to choose from to keep the play balanced and speed up the game startup.
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Mark Webster
Event Host
Odyssey Vekshin
Mark Threlfall
Carl F Gosline