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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

The Horror of Fang Rock

Start Time (UTC)
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Finish Time (UTC)
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GM Philip Bate
Style Gritty
System Call of Cthulhu
Players Booked 3
Remaining Slots 1
Max Players 4
The Horror of Fang Rock
A game for Call of Cthulhu 7th ed for 3 or 4 players with pre-gens.

Setting: off the south coast of England in the early 20th century

You find yourself a member of a well to do party on a luxury steam yacht owed by Lord Palmerdale. You are a travelling back to England from Deauville in France after a weekend at the casino there.

You have noticed growing tensions between your host Lord Palmerdale and and an older gentleman Colonel James Skinsale M.P. whom Palmerdale happily introduced you to only two days before.

Apart from Palmerdale and Skinsale, you are all in the yachts salon enjoy and after dinner drink when a huge fog bank descends.
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Philip Bate
Event Host
Angela Nolan
David Gaskin
Orin Mayer