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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

RPGS 8 : Anoren with Cortex

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GM Francois Letarte
Style Beer & Pretzel
System Other
Players Booked 3
Remaining Slots 0
Max Players 3
In the heart of the desert of Anoren, near the Bay of Fires, a band of adventurers plan to visit the Shining King, a massive twenty stories high statue, made of a shining stone, representing a forgotten king of the old in search of answers for their lifelong questions...

"RPGS : Your Fantasy Toolkit Supersetting" is a free setting, introduced at Brigadecon 2014 and written by different authors to give you a tool to kick in fantasy with concise kingdoms description and all you need to kick in fast.

Cortex "classic" will be the game system used.
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Francois Letarte
Event Host
Ivan Podgwaite
Tim Other
Dave Hubble