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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

Fairy Tale Adventure:The Next Gen

Start Time (UTC)
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Finish Time (UTC)
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GM Jarin Dnd
Style Immersive
System D&D 5E
Players Booked 3
Remaining Slots 2
Max Players 5
Welcome to the land of Asura where fairy tales are real. Your headmaster, Corfiz Lanfik, has called on you and a few of your classmates to recover the stolen Book of Destinies which is needed to complete the ceremony to release you from your studies at the Magick Academy.

Who knows what untold dangers, mystery and intrigue, will arise as you begin to forge your own destiny by recovering the stolen Book. Will you follow the path of your ancestors and loved ones or will your future be of your own making?

Fairy Tale Adventures will be a unique experience for 5e players in that your character will be a descendant from a classic fairy tale character and features creatures from Power Up Gamers upcoming release, L'gat's Tome of Amazing Creatures Volume 2.

We will be using Google Hangouts with a link provided to players.Characters are to be level 5, standard array or 27 point buy, starting gear with one +1 weapon, and a gimmick item of your choice.(IE character is the son of Beauty and the Beast so his gimmick item might be a chipped tea cup or the enchanted Rose) Any official WOTC source-books,Grimmdark from Point of Inspiration, or Power Up Gamers Supplements are acceptable for use.
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Jarin Dnd
Event Host
Jarrod 'Jarraf' Verhagen
John Alan Large
AfroDave Mills