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The Online 24 Hour Charity RPG & Gaming Convention

BI: "Iron Lung"

Start Time (UTC)
(local time)
Finish Time (UTC)
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GM Bryan Walesby
Style Gritty
System Dragon Age
Players Booked 2
Remaining Slots 1
Max Players 3
Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use the skills of old in different ways? Then you've come to the right place. Iron Lung is a detective "adventure" set in the homebrew world of Boseil, where the beauty of the natural world hides the horrors within. The local blacksmith has been murdered (in what some could see as a most appropriate manner) and his wife has gone missing. Can your group be the ones to solve this case and bring the culprit to justice or are there more bodies out there?

Iron Lung is an upcoming adventure from Power Up Gamers (PUG) and as such I, as its writer, am offering an exclusive playthrough for CON+1. As such the experiences seen in this playthrough may be different from the final released product.

The system we will be using is the complete Fantasy AGE system that the Dragon AGE system is a derivative of.
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Bryan Walesby
Event Host
Neftaly Rodriguez
Jarin Dnd