History of Con+2

Con+2 began life as BrigadeCon 2014 when a group of friends from an online Facebook community decided to get together and run some role-playing games to raise money for charity.

The first year of the convention raised $1,400 for the Child's Play charity and another $1,200 was raised the following year.

In 2016 the online community had grown and that years convention was the biggest yet, raising a whopping $2,317 and running over 50 online RPG games.

In 2017 the old organisers of the convention could no longer run the event. Jayson Green and Becky Rose from Pear of Geeks stood up to the mantle and agreed to save the convention for the following year, and were joined by friends: Lloyd Gyan; "Lord Morbius"; and Ronnie Bradley.

So in 2018 a revised convention under the Con+1 name was launched and raised a huge $2,949 for Child's Play, although less games ran in 2019 for the first time a 24 Hour Charity Telethon ran alongside the convention for the entire duration of proceedings, with over 170 prizes being given away during the stream the telethon raised almost $2,000 of the fund raising total, again the nominated charity was Child's Play.

A few weeks before the Telethon aired Becky Rose discovered The Butterfly Project, a charity organisation using board games and RPG's to teach children how to become young social entrepreneurs and game designers. The kids desperately needed some new RPG books and miniatures, so she spoke to Paizo and Reaper Miniatures and threw in a few bits and bobs herself to send to the kids.

Now it is 2019 and Con+2 is fully backing this wonderful project to help fund more children through the program.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Role-Playing Games could do so much to help the worlds poorest children, how wrong I was.” - Becky Rose